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So graphic design & branding they’re the same thing right? Well yes and no! My graphic design work will, more often than not, involve a single designer (Me), a pen tablet, and my trusty computer, taking direction from the client who knows pretty much what they want.

Whereas branding will involve more time brainstorming, collaborating, discussing and feeding back to the client regarding the possibilities, options and more importantly the costs involved for each. It may also include a number of potential mediums, for example a website, matching a poster campaign, matching some leaflet marketing, and matching the packaging for the resultant sales.

If I had to give a single sentence answer I’d say for graphic design you are paying for my time at a computer, and for branding you are paying for my time away from the computer!

My Approach To Graphic Design & Branding.

Sitting down to design something for a client is, in my opinion, one of the most enjoyable, creatively freeing jobs available to us. With digital imagery the possibilities are endless, however for some this leads to overcomplicated work, where messages are lost, and all we are seeing is the designers abilities!

Here at solopixel I like to keep things simple! Simple elegant designs, clear messages, your brand is important to you! So I like to put it centre stage, and in the best possible light.

solopixels Graphic Design & Branding Process

It would be difficult to give a full comprehensive process list for every possible graphic design or branding project! The variations in project size and type are just too great. However the following will give you an idea of how we work;

Graphic Design & Branding Process

  1. Initial discussion regarding each individual clients requirements.
  2. Pricing options discussed including any printing costs if necessary.
  3. Client is sent full breakdown of costs.
  4. If client agrees to proceed a small deposit is required prior to commencement of work.
  5. Design mock-ups are sent to client for selection or approval.
  6. Once the client is happy to proceed a full proof is sent to the client for approval.
  7. Client must approve and sign off & check details such as spelling, correct addresses, phone numbers etc.
  8. Once I have received confirmation from the client, the project is ready to be sent either digitally for its next stages or to print.

Printing And Special Projects

Sometimes I have to work with external suppliers in order to achieve the best possible outcome for my clients. I have built up a number of relationships and business partnerships with some fantastic companies. Specialist printers who deal solely with packaging, super large format printers, specialist sign manufacturers, lightbox specialists, van decals & vehicle wraps etc etc.

I have carefully chosen these businesses through may years of experience, and as well as clear communication channels and express order processing, you as my client will also take advantage of preferential rates.


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