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A new commercial & domestic cleaning service covering Liverpool & The Wirral.

As is often the case with many new small business clients, Laura came to us with a blank sheet! “I need a website for my new cleaning business”.

This can sometimes be a blessing or a curse as whilst a client may not know exactly what they want, they may not see eye to eye with the designers vision for their new business.

On this occasion 3 things where definitely in our favour;
1. The client was quick to respond to feedback requests and thorough in there opinions.
2. Laura’s competitors websites where basic at best.
3. We had a very brandable name to work with, Peaches ‘n’ Clean! I think a little tongue in cheek? Or maybe just cheeky!

if anyone is after a professional web design for their business I would highly recommend Solopixel

Laura – Peaches ‘N’ Clean

Rather than go with the run of the mill stock images of cleaners which after investigation have been done to death We decided to go down the vectorized images route with a simple clean colour palette of pink #ff9999, cream #ffffcc, and brown #64483C.

After that the website grew organically with a view to ease of navigation and with the ultimate goal to convert readers into customers. So there where a lot of call to actions placed after most sections of the site.

Another important note is that whilst this is primarily a one page website, these do not translate to well into smaller, mainly mobile devices! So whilst it is a responsive website from desktop or laptop to tablet, we reduced the mobile page to its bare minimum, giving numerous options for readers to click & call.

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