Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization can be split into two specific fields. On site, otherwise known as, on page search engine optimization (SEO). Or off site SEO, which can sometimes be referred to as internet marketing, link building search engine marketing or simply SEM for short.

Search Engine Optimization V’s Search Engine Marketing!

SEO & SEM are two very different fields, and there is no real similarity between the two. On site seo is everything you can do within the website to make it attractive to search engines.

Be that how the website is structured, (Proper use of H1 tags as an example) how well it performs, if it is mobile responsive, is local search enabled, ensuring there is no duplicate content etc etc! There are too many parameters to list in this quick introduction but I think you get the gist.

All search engines use what is called an algorithm, which takes into account the popularity of a website, this is how it decides who to serve at the top of page 1, and who to languish down on page 14.

This popularity is measured using links to your website, social network activity, searches for you and click through rates (CTR’s).

Again there are too many parameters to list here, but any kind of website promoting or link building would fall into the field of search engine marketing (SEM)

Industry Leading Search Engine Optimization

I believe that to give your new on-line venture the best possible start, you need a solid SEO foundation and strategy to build on.

To that end, every new website I build is optimized for search engines like google, bing, and yahoo. Adhering to all current industry standards and search engine algorithms.

What This means is that as a customer of solopixel web design you will have the best foundation to build your business on.I also provide full in depth instructions on how to continue getting your SEO just right.

If you have an existing website built elsewhere, I offer an seo analysis package that will assess your current website, your customers and how you are performing in the world wide web.

I also assess your competitors and provide a full in depth report, giving detailed instructions of what needs to be done, and of course what it would cost if you wished to employ my services to complete.

If you would like any more information on this website seo analysis then click here.

Don’t Believe The SEO Hype

“We can get you to the top of google” If you hear this statement run away, and keep your hand on your purse or wallet. This is the single easiest identifier that you are about to be conned!

Without a huge investigation into your business, your website, your competitors websites, your potential customers etc etc!

Lets just say to make a blanket statement like that is reserved for con men generally calling from an off shore location, they will take your money and then literally do nothing.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Packages

By popular demand I now offer three link building packages, these SEM packages are tailor made for my UK clients, and all work is completed right here in the UK.

These packages are ideal for small to medium sized businesses looking to get higher up in the search engines rankings, thereby increasing visitor traffic, and as an end result increased revenue for you.

Additional custom packages are available for larger clients and those in very competitive markets, please use this contact form and I will reply as soon as possible.


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